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  • Introduction

    At American Gulf Training we are committed to providing our customers management and training consultancy solutions that can revolutionize the way you do business and help you achieve unprecedented and sustainable growth.  Using a combination of breakthrough business strategies, your challenges and obstacles can be overcome quickly and efficiently. Your staff will be inspired and motivated, be more effective and help you to reach your greatest potential. The impossible, becomes the achievable. We offer a wide range of training and consulting services. Our training is conducted in-house and we also offer a number of courses publicly. Delegates rave about our training and leave with the ability to be more motivated and productive at work.
  • Training Courses

    We offer customed tailored in-house courses to suit your business needs. Course outlines and materials are developed with your team. This includes. . .  [more]



  • Riyadh International Book Fair Riyadh Book Fair
  • Dr. Alshomeilan will sign his second book on Riyadh International Book Fair on Friday 6 March 2015
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